LCHPS has never lost sight of its larger mission to increase public awareness of the cultural significance of preserving and rehabilitating structures in Leelanau County.  Once the existence of LCHPS  became known, inquiries came from building owners around the county regarding the historical significance, structural stability, rehabilitation needs, and potential adaptive uses.

LCHPS offers a complimentary site visit to assist owners in evaluating and understanding their buildings’ rehabilitation, history, and future uses. Board members Steve Stier, Barbara Siepker and Andy White provide consultations to help address these interests and concerns.

The Leelanau County Historic Preservation Society can help you evaluate and prioritize rehabilitation needs, look at historical significance (intactness of original structure, rarity of original use and architectural style), explore alternative uses, and possible funding available.  We can also discuss with you the process to apply for a Michigan or Federal historical designation and whether one or the other might be of benefit.

If you are a historic property owner and would like to arrange a consultation, please complete the request form below.  Once we receive your request a LCHPS board member will contact you to talk about it and to arrange a time for a one to two-hour site visit.

Click here to request a consultation.

Historic sites where consultation have taken place are: