Woolsey Airport

Clinton F. Woolsey Memorial Airport
Authors, Chris Byron and Tom Wilson








In the summer of 2018, LCHPS was approached by historians, Chris Byron and Tom Wilson, and Lynn Contos to assist in obtaining a Michigan Historical Marker for Clinton F. Woolsey Memorial Airport, north of Northport.  This is considered a significant historical site where annual Airport Fly-Ins have been held for years at which the Lions Club sponsors a popular pancake breakfast.  Lynn Contos is the great granddaughter of Byron Woolsey who donated part of his farm to Leelanau township for the airport to be established in memory of his noted flyer son Clinton who had died during a Good Will Flight in Argentina.  Byron Woolsey built the stone creamery which became the airport headquarters.  He was a creative builder frequently utilizing stone in unique ways.  He also built the house on Gull Island and the stonework on the Northport Point chapel.

The request to LCHPS was to become their fiduciary agent and to assist Contos, Byron and Wilson in historic research and fundraising to cover the marker costs.  A cooperative relationship was established which also included Leelanau Historical Society Museum and Northport Area Heritage Association.  A successful start-up fund-raising campaign at the August 2019 Annual Airport Fly-In raised $1200.  By time the marker was approved during March, 2020, the necessary $4000 for the two-sided marker was raised, and the marker dedication is scheduled for July 14, 2021, the 85th anniversary of its establishment.

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