The Mill in Glen Arbor

The Mill in Glen Arbor has been known historically as the Glen Arbor Roller Mills Recording Studio, Brammer Grist Mill or Roller Mill, and the Kelderhouse Mill.  It is the scenic gateway to Glen Arbor and a significant historic structure in both the county and state.  It had suffered from thirty years of deferred maintenance before it was purchased in 2018.  Turner Booth, the new owner, wished to find out more about the history of the structure, to talk about future uses, and to confirm recommendations he had from a structural engineer.  LCHPS became aware of this project through Tina Mehren, now LCHPS board member, who had been providing consultation to the owner and consulted with us.  Steve Stier was helpful in suggesting replacement of the roof with wood shingles, its original roofing product.  Turner Booth was also encouraged to rehabilitate the miller’s house with existing windows, which he was considering tearing down as it was in far worse condition due to a leaking roof.  In addition, Andy White, Barbara Siepker, and Kim and Jim Kelderhouse compiled the history of the property.  The energetic young owner is making progress with the rehabilitation and has received community appreciation and support.  He is working with the township on zoning, site plan, and use issues.


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