Encouragement of Additional Michigan Historical Marker Sites

In partnership with the Leelanau Historical Society and Benzie Area Historical Society, LCHPS organized a spring 2019 Discovery Day program on the eligibility and application process for a Michigan Historical Marker.  Heather Lehman of the Michigan History Center, conducted an educational presentation, held at the Traverse Area District Library, on the complexity of the process. Forty participants represented numerous organizations and privately-owned historic structures.

Three groups attending the program applied and were successful in receiving Michigan Historical status and markers for their significant sites:

  1. LCHPS received site approval February 13, 2020 for a two-sided Michigan Historical Marker for both the Poor Farm and the Poor Farm Barn owned by Leelanau County.  
  2. LCHPS consulted with Woolsey family member Lynn Contos and researchers Byron and Wilson and acted as fiduciary agent for funding of the Clinton F. Woolsey Airport marker. The airport owned by Leelanau Township received approval of its two-sided marker application on March 12, 2020.
  3. Prior to becoming a Benzie Area Historical Society board member Charles Kraus worked several years on the application for a Michigan Historic Site Designation, on a two-sided marker for Thompsonville and the Diamond Crossing. He found getting firsthand feedback during the program was very helpful. The Society’s application was approved in April, 2020.
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